Should Media Agencies Encourage the Use of Nicotine Pouches?

The agenda-setting role of the media heavily influences how the industry’s practitioners behave. It is difficult for a media house to tackle a topical issue when its members are seen to behave contrary to what the house espouses.

It is for this reason that smoking among media personalities has always been a thorn in the industry’s flesh. While many houses feel obliged to highlight the dangers of smoking, they find some of the most ardent smokers within their studios.

Smoking Alaternatives

Usually, nicotine pouches offer a great alternative to smoking. While agencies cannot dictate to their members how to behave privately, they can at least suggest this alternative without taking away the thrill and satisfaction derived from smoking.

Popular brands like Zyn nicotine pouches signify style, making it easier for agencies to convince their workers to try them. Even without the question of morality, the encouragement to use nicotine pouches to fulfill the tobacco thirst poses immense health benefits for the users.

Without doubt, personal choice is a right. However, working in some industries comes with some sensitivity that cannot be wished away. One such industry is the media. It is, therefore, not overstepping their mandate when media agencies encourage their members to pick alternatives like Zyn nicotine pouches in place of cigarettes. This makes it easier for the industry to play an active role in highlighting the health risks of smoking.