Intranet Boosting Internal Communications in News Agencies

Intranets have become part and parcel of organizations’ communication infrastructure. In this roundup, find out what intranets are and why they are a go-to solution for news agencies.

What is an Intranet?

Intranets are private internal communication networks that facilitate communication, collaboration, and information dissemination among employees. Today, there are many intranet websites, for example which offer excellent features that facilitate smooth communication and knowledge sharing. Among the organizations that leverage intranets are news agencies.

Why Intranets?

As mentioned above, intranets are communication networks accessible by news agency employees, in this case, a news agency’s correspondents, news reporters, editors, and other players.

News agencies prefer intranets for several reasons. First, they enhance communication and boost efficiency, organizational cohesion, flexibility, and productivity. Importantly, they offer a private platform where the different actors in the news agency can share upcoming stories to be covered without leaking fresh news to other agencies. It also makes information easily accessible to all employees.

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