Battles Between Creative Agencies and Media Agencies

For the end client who is need of professionals to help them with their advertising and marketing campaigns, it can be most confusing as to which agency should they rely on. Once word gets out that the Company is in need of these types of services then the battles begin between the creative agencies and the media agencies.

There are a lot of explanations given as to what an actual creative agency is because many of these types of agencies have intermingled their service offerings with those that are offered by media agencies, and vice versa.

Generally speaking, the creative industry will take on the task of product and market design. This is part of the essentials of brand building. Yet, at the same time, media agencies have the task of brand building for their clients. This is just one area where the services of these two agencies overspill

It has been something that has become contentious and is actually creating media battles between these two forms of agencies.

One of the issues that are creating some animosity between the two agencies is where in this case the media agency was offering the creative service at a lower price than what the creative agency was prepared to do. What seemed to be the biggest source of frustration was that the end client was super excited about what the media agency was proposing.

What this may signify is that the clients of creative agencies and media agencies are really not clear on the distinction of services between these two agencies. The solution may be for better attention to be paid by each of these respective agencies when they are marketing for their businesses.