Media Turning to Sonic Branding

Media Agencies have to stay on top of what is happening in their industry. This is such a fast-paced industry that is continuously creating trends that agencies like those in specialize in media have to almost be a step ahead. Otherwise, the services that they perform for their clients will be quickly outdated with no hope of producing the desired results.

One of the latest trends to make itself known in the media world is Sonic Branding. When it comes t branding and advertising the main focus for many years has been on visuals. This form of media material is considered to be the best for making an immediate impact on the target markets it is presented to. Perhaps because of this audio has not been given the attention or credit that it deserves. This appears as though it is about to change with a new trend swinging towards Sonic Media that now media agencies have got to start paying close attention to.

The modern term sonic may sound a bit futuristic but it really isn’t new to the advertising world. It is that segment of the ad that contains the use of voice such as in singing a song or the ad having a melody attached to it.

The media has been doing a careful analysis of the results of various types of media used in advertising as they always do, and the data is showing some interesting results. For example, Visa found that they were getting a more positive reaction from their target market in the media that utilized sound or animation.

With more attention now going to be put on the use of sound to reinforce the identity of the brand and generate the positive reactions expected from the advertising media, this means that media agencies now have to integrate this into the services that they are offering their clients. It is something else that they need to give strong consideration to when they are building the campaign portfolios for their clients. They need to take the time to become experts in knowing when and where to use sonic branding and how to manage the costs.

While some may look at this as a source of frustration as one more thing t be concerned about, it is really the opposite and should be viewed as exciting.